Monday, April 13, 2009

Blow You to Smithereens

I would love to know the origin of that expression.

A few things about me:

1) I like polka dots

2) I'm not addicted to anything on a constant basis. I go through phases with certain foods/drinks/activities but those things eventually die out.

3) I don't have allergies.


  1. going by your daily amounts of water consumption, I'd wager that counted as an addiction.

    Or, you're just in a VERY dry climate.

  2. I have an addiction to the colour pink. I can't walk away....ever

  3. I am obsessed with guitars and amplifiers...

  4. Water obsession would include a few gallons a day. I may approach a gallon - sometimes.

    You are NOT addicted to pink - that is an outright lie. Unless, of course, you mean MY ... um ...

    Bobby - that does not surprised me. I live with one of those ...

  5. Let us know what that expression means, when you find out, or I'll Blow You to Smithereens. ;-) Drop me an E Mail at, and I'll give you the recipe I was talking about on my journal. Easy, and good. You have to develop a taste for them. (I grew up with them.) Hugs.